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Building Your Brand as an Artist The days of lopping off your ear to make a name for yourself as an artist are long gone! Although the video of that would surely go viral! Today, aside from having talent, you need... Read More

Bringing Motion (and Emotion) to your Art Generally speaking, art is a static creation that “sits there” waiting for you to look at it. But when that art moves it takes a more active role in art appreciation and pulls the viewer... Read More

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle A custom steel furniture business is custom-made to embrace this approach. Going green is all the rage these days. Some are doing it for the earth. Some are doing it for public relations. Some are doing... Read More

Riggo Design Featured in Chicago Home+Garden Thanks to Bradley Lincoln and everyone at Chicago Home & Garden for including Riggo Design in your Home Design newsletter, Domestica. I hope we are able to work together on more features and articles in the... Read More

How do I prevent my steel pieces from rusting? You spend good money on a piece of custom steel furniture or steel art – a gorgeous piece if you get it from the right person! So it makes sense you would like it to... Read More

Make your yard a work of art with minimal work. Metal yard art is the perfect addition to any landscape. Spring is in the air. It’s time to crawl out of our caves and search for signs of life - and a reason to not run... Read More

How to design a custom piece of furniture. (Part 2 of 2) Your furniture should reflect your personality. Are you one-of-a-kind or mass-produced? As a quick refresher from Part 1of the article, we’re talking about how a person with no design experience designs a custom steel entryway table... Read More

How to design a custom piece of furniture. (Part 1 of 2) One-of-a-kind furniture, one step at a time So you've been looking for a specific piece of furniture for that special place in your home and you can't find it anywhere. Magazines, showrooms, online, everywhere… and you've... Read More

Custom Furniture Aint Scary You really shouldn't be afraid of the concept of having something "custom made". I mean a cheeseburger with no pickles is custom made! I'm not sure where the concept got intimidating for most people, but... Read More

My Style. My Approach. My Obsession. My name is Riggs Barr, I'm a Chicago artist who loves steel. The way it looks, feels, even the way it smells! And I love working with my hands, turning this cold, beautiful material into custom... Read More